John Fung, MD, PhD

John Fung, MD, PhD is currently Professor of Surgery at University of Chicago. He also holds the title of Chief, Section of Transplant Surgery and is a Co-Director of the University of Chicago Medicine Transplant Institute. Dr. Fung specializes in liver transplants, hepatobiliary surgery, and transplant oncology. He has over 35 years of experience in the areas of liver and hepatobiliary malignancies, as well as kidney, pancreas, and intestinal transplantation. Dr. Fung has authored over 1,300 articles and book chapters and formerly held the position of editor-in-chief of Liver Transplantation; he continues to serve on editorial boards for several other medical journals today.

Dr. Fung has a longstanding relationship with COUR, having served on the CNP-101 Safety Committee where COUR nanoparticles were first administered to celiac patients to induce tolerance to gliadin. He now brings his deep clinical experience and expertise to our Primary Biliary Cholangitis program.