Autoimmune Diseases: Type 1 Diabetes

Type-1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune condition driven by immune autoreactivity to proteins found in insulin producing islet cells in the pancreas. Immune mediated destruction of pancreatic islet cells results in loss of insulin production leading to high blood glucose levels which can affect normal functioning of multiple organs in the body.

The standard of care for T1D is geared towards management of disease symptoms with daily insulin injections or broadly immunosuppressive agents which cause toxic side-effects.

CNP-T1D is the only proven technology with the potential to address the underlying immunological drivers of T1D. CNP-T1D holds the promise of returning balance to the immune system via antigen-specific immune reprogramming to stop immune mediated destruction of pancreatic islet cells. The highly specific mechanism of action of CNP-T1D achieves long term therapeutic efficacy without causing broad immune suppression.