Greta Wodarcyk, PHD

Greta Wodarcyk, PhD. is an experienced molecular biologist, having spent her career to date working in novel chemoprevention drug development, where she has led several multi-disciplinary, translational research projects.

Greta obtained her doctorate in biological sciences at Northwestern University. Her doctoral research focused on the nanoscale epigenetic structure-function relationship of chromatin in cancer cell chemo-evasion and the development of strategies to physiochemically target chromatin structure as a means of increasing chemotherapeutic efficacy. Previously, Greta worked as a research fellow at Mayo College of Medicine in Rochester, MN, where she developed clinical assays to quantify low levels of Metformin in patient blood plasma and customize dosage based on patient-specific metabolism. While at Northwestern University, Greta received a year-long fellowship from the NIH-funded Biotechnology Training Program as well as a two-year fellowship with the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Translational Bridge Program. Greta has authored several peer-reviewed publications that appear in top tier scientific journals such as Nature Biomedical Engineering and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and has presented her work at several national research conferences.